Guest Satisfaction Managment

  • Keeping your guests happy and content is a key factor in driving more reservations to your hotel. Guest booking decision is significantly influenced by what other travellers say about your property. We stimulate positive reviews and help you build a long-lasting satisfying relationship with your guests.

Managing Expectations

We focus on managing your guests’ expectations before they even set foot through your front door. By using clear content and authentic images we assure that guests are properly informed about your hotel qualities as well as its drawbacks. We help you communicate with your guests even prior to their arrival, as a well-informed guest is more likely to leave your hotel happy and satisfied.

Guest Review Response

We respond to guest reviews and provide your staff with the best practice to effectively answer online feedback. When you respond to reviews, both positive ad negative, you demonstrate your care for your guests and you can leverage this platform to inform future guests about your facilities and services.

Real-Time Feedback

We use tools to provide you with real time feedback of your guests. In this way you can gain information about their experience and if needed improve their impression while they are still in-house.

Guest Satisfaction Follow Up

We offer our hotels with communication methods targeting satisfied guests after their stay. This positive sentiment helps us pushing your hotel review score higher and above your competition.