Hospitality Training and Consulting

  • We support your staff with their daily operational tasks. Our expertise in driving more online revenue is strongly linked to services rendered offline. We are included in your decision making process and together with you we strive to deliver excellent service for your guests.

Soft Operational Skills Support

Our knowledge and experience provides your hotel with ideas and insight on operational requirements. We provide support in customer service training for front desk staff. Your housekeeping department can also benefit from our managerial expertise to improve efficiency and quality of services provided

Direct Sales Training

We help you capturing walk ins and last minute direct reservations by providing sales techniques and policies to attract these commission-free reservations. We offer tools that will help your staff convert browsers to bookers.

PMS system consultancy

Choosing the right software for your hotel is crucial for your future success and reaching your financial targets. You might end up paying for features that you simply don’t need. We advise you which PMS system best fit your hotel needs and requirements.

Motivation through Employee Bonuses

Our introduction of employee bonus scheme has shown significant improvement in staff motivation and guest satisfaction. We believe that staff that is rewarded for exceptional service feel content about their employer and job which ultimately translates in driving more business to your hotel through satisfied guests and happy employees.

Hotel Homepage

Your hotel home page is one of the key element that support online sales. Guests who search for their accommodation on one of the OTAs, likely to check your website before completing a reservation. We provide assistance in creating a website that not only look good but also produces real business results.