Carmella Boutique Hotel

In a restored historic building in the old, green heart of the Carmel, a beautiful boutique hotel with elegant guest rooms, a spa with beauty treatments and an onsite restaurant. The hotel offers personal service for both leisure and business travellers that are looking for a peaceful oasis in the heart of the Carmel Center.

The challenge

As a new property in Haifa, the hotel biggest challenge was to position itself in this competitive market and to differentiate itself from the competition. Furthermore, as most staff members were not familiar with the complexity of working with the online travel agents, guest issues and complaints were not solved in a timely fashion.

Excellation and Carmella Boutique Hotel have been cooperating since the hotel’s opening in the first half of 2017.

The solution

Excellation developed a pricing structure which is responsive to the market fluctuations. We continuously monitor the impact of the pricing has on the number of reservations and more specifically on each one of the room types. We have identified that certain techniques work better than others when selling the upgraded room types so that the hotel can maximise its revenue. Furthermore, Excellation is using several marketing tools that improve the visibility and ranking of the hotel in order to attract more viewers to the hotel’s page.

The result

Together with the team of Carmella Hotel, we have managed to position the hotel at the top of Haifa’s boutique hotels. The average room rate has shown significant increase and occupancy has shown higher result than the market average.