• Avi Zack
    Drisco Hotel, Tel Aviv
  • “Assaf Nussbaum managed the yield and revenue management at the Drisco Tel Aviv hotel in 2019-2022. Working with him was conducted in a professional, friendly and pleasant manner, with him being available around the clock.

    Assaf is a true professional and managed to lead the hotel to achieve revenue from the room division department as one of the highest in the Tel Aviv market.

    I recommend every hotelier to cooperate with Assaf. You won’t regret it.”

  • Anat Kop
    Paamonim Hotel, Jerusalem
  • “We have been working with Asaf since the beginning of 2016 this is a good perspective to examine things.First of all, Asaf is reliable, precise, always available and provides a fast and professional response. No less important than that – Asaf is friendly, service-minded, and caring. We feel that he is absolutely part of the senior management team and there is almost no decision that is not made in consultation with him.
    So what does Asaf do for me? Makes me earn more money !!
    Asaf is familiar with the hotel industry, he knows exactly who the competitors are and changes the rates of the hotel on a daily basis. Pricing is an art that combines the desire to maintain a certain positioning in the market on the one hand, while responding to the competition on the other hand. Asaf does all this perfectly! Asaf is our contact with all the online sites – from updating details, policies, to incorrect prices, issues with reservations, and so on.
    The services that Asaf provides can certainly be carried out by the hotel itself and indeed we though we could do it ourselves at the beginning… But over time you realize that you lack a broad perspective and ongoing information and thus you lose valuable time in which you could make more money !!

    We are privileged to work with Asaf!”

  • Adi Madanes
    Ben Yehuda Apartments
    130 Rock Apartments
  • “I was fortunate to meet and work with Asaf Nussbaum at the beginning of my career in the hotel industry.Beyond the improvement in income, I met a professional and amazing person.
    He understands the market, the human nature and has a fantastic sense of service to the hotel customers, to me and to my team working with him on a daily basis.

    Apparently hotel optimization is science and Asaf is a brilliant scientist.”

  • Gal Duvdevani
    General Manager
    Carmella Boutique Hotel
  • “Asaf is simply the best !
    I love team work and Asaf is definitely important part of my team. giving us yield management service in friendly and very efficient way. Communication is great and I hope we will work long time together.”

  • Tali Pessach
    General Manager
    Shenkin Hotel
  • “Asaf has started working with us at the beginning of 2016 as a Revenue Manager. At start, I was concerned about the fact that Asaf is based in Amsterdam and not at the hotel. Soon my fears were proven wrong and I saw that today that the world is a large global village, there is no meaning at all to the physical distance.Asaf brought with him extensive experience, knowledge, professionalism, efficiency, agility, understanding and in-depth control of the world of tourism in general and Tel Aviv in particular,
    I call him “my eyes in the city” because he is always up to date and can analyze the state of the city, plan ahead and maximize the hotel’s profits according to the current and future situation.

    He is open to suggestions and changes and we communicate daily, sometimes even several times a day,

    Asaf demonstrates great care for the hotel and he follows the goal of the entire staff, namely ‘a perfect hospitality experience and maximizing profits.'”

  • Ilana Beradt
    Director of Sales & Marketing
    Mount Zion Hotel Jerusalem
  • “Asaf Nussbaum launched the world of online reservations to Mount Zion Hotel. With his help and advise, we started cooperating with channels such as Booking.com, Expedia, Agoda and so on.Thanks to him, the hotel’s revenues increased by millions of shekels a year. He was responsible to instruct and teach those involved in the hotel about pricing, packages and so on.

    After entering the information, he made sure to check and correct all this with great pleasure and dedication.

    I wish Assaf much success in the future!”

  • Tel Feldboy
    Director of Sales & Marketing
    ibis Jerusalem City Center & ibis Styles Jerusalem City Center
    Part of Accor Hotels
  • “Mr. Asaf Nussbaum was acting as the Revenue Manager of ibis Jerusalem Hotels between May 2018 to July 2019.
    I would like to express my appreciation and my personal gratitude to Asaf for the professional performance in the hotels’ revenue management. Asaf was acting in great professionalism while providing excellent understanding of the market forces and the required daily changes, which include pricing, promoting the hotel exposure using deals, ranking accelerators and promotions in both the OTAs and other channels, and this while providing constant help and support and anticipating the forecasts and demand.

    Working with Asaf has been joyful and professional and the his support has contributed greatly for the hotels successes.

    I wish Asaf all the best in the future!”