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Carmella Boutique Hotel

In a restored historic building in the old, green heart of the Carmel, a beautiful boutique hotel with elegant guest rooms, a spa with beauty treatments and an onsite restaurant. The hotel offers personal service for both leisure and business travellers that are looking for a peaceful oasis in the heart of the Carmel Center.

The challenge

As a new property in Haifa, the hotel biggest challenge was to position itself in this competitive market and to differentiate itself from the competition. Furthermore, as most staff members were not familiar with the complexity of working with the online travel agents, guest issues and complaints were not solved in a timely fashion.

Excellation and Carmella Boutique Hotel have been cooperating since the hotel’s opening in the first half of 2017.

The solution

Excellation developed a pricing structure which is responsive to the market fluctuations. We continuously monitor the impact of the pricing has on the number of reservations and more specifically on each one of the room types. We have identified that certain techniques work better than others when selling the upgraded room types so that the hotel can maximise its revenue. Furthermore, Excellation is using several marketing tools that improve the visibility and ranking of the hotel in order to attract more viewers to the hotel’s page.

The result

Together with the team of Carmella Hotel, we have managed to position the hotel at the top of Haifa’s boutique hotels. The average room rate has shown significant increase and occupancy has shown higher result than the market average.

Paamonim Hotel

Located in the heart of Downtown Jerusalem, just minutes from the Old City and within the immediate proximity to many tourists attractions, this family-run hotel is famous for its friendly service, comfortable guests rooms and a restaurant, serving fresh daily continental breakfast buffet.

The Challenge

Since its opening in 2015, the hotel has experienced lower occupancy and demand compared to similar properties in downtown Jerusalem. Online Sales were slow, and the staff at hotel was not fully aware on how to utilize the available online tools to promote the hotel in this competitive market.

Paamonim Hotel and Excellation have been cooperating since the beginning of 2017.

The Solution

Excellation is providing an extensive support to the hotel team with regards to pricing, reviews as well as inquiries on OTAs policies and reservations booked online. Information and room types are updated regularly as a result of changes in market and guest needs. As part of a recent expansion, the hotel has added 5 new rooms named “Paamonim Studios” to their inventory, which are offering a more compact, value-for-money accommodation. Together with the management of Paamonim Hotel, an internet marketing strategy was developed with the goal of differentiating the newest addition from the existing product. This was done by launching a complete new listings with a new look and feel so that guests will be able to distinguish the 2 different types of accommodation.

The result

Our ongoing support in both online and offline sales has shown great success with growth in occupancy of 160% and an increase in room revenue of over 200%. Furthermore, the launch of Paamonim Studios in the various OTAs has been handled effectively to ensure smooth introduction of this new accommodation to the market.

Ben Yehuda Apartments

On a prime location just minutes from the beach and the city center, Ben Yehuda Apartments offer comfortable and value for money self-catering bedrooms and studios with hotel services such as 24 hours reception and house keeping.
The Challenge

Ben Yehuda Apartments biggest challenge was an outdated pricing structure. Rates were set up far in advance and were not responsive to changes of occupancy, demand and to shifts in the prices of the competition. Furthermore, hotel information on different room types was missing, coupled with low quality pictures – resulting lower conversion ratio.

In 2010 Ben Yehuda Apartments contacted Excellation to carry out an ongoing improvement of their online performance.

The Solution

Excellation is providing ongoing support in the form of daily revenue management for both direct and indirect online channels. A complex pricing structure was implemented to increase length of stays and reduce cancellations. New room types were created to better fit to guests needs accompanied by a whole new set of pictures. We are also providing training and assistance of operational tasks to key staff members. These services were delivered with the aim of increasing the average room rate and occupancy while considering the hotel’s target group.

The result

The actions carried by Excellation helped reaching the hotel financial budget. Ben Yehuda Apartment shows great results on both and Expedia. Due to clearer information and hotel photos we managed to improve guest satisfaction. In 2017, Ben Yehuda Apartments has shown growth of 12% YoY.